[TYPO3-english] Moving from subdomain to root

Luis E. Suarez nospam at please.com
Fri Nov 15 15:46:26 CET 2013

On 11/15/2013 3:00 AM, bernd wilke wrote:
> Am 14.11.13 17:26, schrieb Luis E. Suarez:
>> Hi all,
>> I have googled on how to move a TYPO3 site from subdirs to root.  No way.
>> I have upgraded a medium size (less than 5000 pages) TYPO3 4.1 site into
>> 6.1.  I did the job on a subdomain in order to avoid disturbing the old
>> 4.1 site while working in the new one.  The new one is a carbon copy of
>> the old one with same templates and old plugins, plus new ones and some
>> revamping.  By the way, to reduce the stress (and size) in the MySQL
>> server each TYPO3 page fetches content from formatted text files and
>> pics (lots of URL's). Everything is working just fine.  Now the problem
>> is how to move the new subdomain (www.subdomain.example.com) to the root
>> (www.example.com).
>> I can figure out two methods, redirecting with .htaccess and
>> searching/replacing all the URL's in the database. First, redirecting is
>> scary due to the site's complexity and second, replacing URL's in the
>> database is time consuming and puts the site useless during the whole
>> process.
>> Is there any other recommended possibility? Symlink perhaps?  I have
>> never used symlinks and really don't know how they work for sure.
>> Any advice will be appreciated.
> normaly in TYPO3 the domain should be defined in one place and inserted
> in all places, so a change in the domain has to be done in one place.
> but you may have multiple definions. these may be:
> - domain-records
> - constants in Typoscript which is used in:
> - config.baseURL= / config.absRefPrefix=
> - realurl: the configuration-file
> also a domain can be hardcoded in the data (external links which do not
> care about a valid domain or matching to the 'current' domain)
> This may be cleaned with a replace in the last step.
> the other configuration needed is the apache (or ...): the assigning of
> domain to folder, any redirects, ... must match.
> bernd

Actually I made an storm in a glass of water cause it was easier than I 
expected.  After cleaning up I found most of the wrong links were 
located in less irrelevant tables like cache_imagesizes, sys_history, 
sys_log and so on.  After changing them with a search/replace query and 
modifying all templates and typoscripts I moved the whole dir to the 
root and voila! It worked as it should.

Now, the next move will be ver 6.2...

Thanks Bernd for your response it was very helpful.

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