[TYPO3-english] Re: Show usergroup and fe_user info

Miguel xadi10 at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 7 13:02:52 CET 2013

Thank you for your help.

I think i'm getting closer to the solution, but the english guide that i found is not very clear about the function you said, and my german is not enough to understand the german guide with the browser translation, so here it is my code:

10 = TEXT
10.data = TSFE:fe_user|user|tx_itypoexpiringfegroups_groups
10.stdWrap.split {
    token = |
    token.noTrimWrap = || |
    cObjNum = 1
    wrap = <br />
    1.current = 1
    1.wrap = |
10.strftime = %b-%d-%Y, %H:%M

I think i cannot use | as a token, because the fields in the database dont have spaces between them (like i said, the field is "2|1383602700|1415138700* ") so i think i must go with character count maybe? I also know that the expiration date is the numbers after the second |  .

Please Mr. Bernd, once again i ask for your guidanc.

Greetings from Portugal

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