[TYPO3-english] Re: Calendar for upcoming events - order of events on frontend

xiaoji zhang xjzmailing at gmail.com
Sun Nov 3 18:00:50 CET 2013

Dear Peter, 

I need your further advice, I have got the extension Calendar base 

The screen shot: http://imgur.com/XZYm2ba

Can you explain a bit from where I can set   "plugin.tx_cal_controller.view.list.order to either asc or desc"plugin.tx_cal_controller.view.list.order to either asc or desc" ?
I have looked on this page everywhere, I haven't found where there is the possibility to set this up. It will be great if you can let me know a bit more how this works, I haven't got training on typo3, but I need to update the website, it is really stressful and I am very much afraid of making things wrong and damage the website. I think with your help, I am going closer to the solution.

Thank you a million in advance, 

Kind regards,


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