[TYPO3-english] Update of late 4.7.x to 6.0 or 6.1

"HocomAdvies [  Wiechert Hooghwinkel "HocomAdvies [  Wiechert Hooghwinkel
Thu Mar 28 17:12:06 CET 2013


Can you help me with a solution for the probs I mentioned below at 3 and 4? Would be great to solve those things. Since the the system I updated is a copy of a website which is online.

Thanks in advance,

Op 28 mrt. 2013, om 11:41 heeft HocomAdvies [ 🌷 Wiechert Hooghwinkel ] het volgende geschreven:

> Hi,
> I did an update recently from a version 4.6.1. to version 6.0.4 on a test-system. I experienced some troubles.
> 1. White screen problem. This was mainly the result of not updating the extensions before starting with updating towards 6.0.4.
> 2. One of the scary things I found out after the update off powermail (which coused the white screen probs) was that the forms created where no longer working in the newest version. The solution i found advised for this, is to create a new form with the updated powermail. So note all the settings, etc which you did in the powermail before updat to a newer version becouse they are no longer there.
> 3.Also I had some problems with realUrl not working properly. Suddenly giving an RealURL error: unable to determine rootpage_id for the current domain. This problem dissolved after some time waiting (deleting the cache files etc.). But still appears when I use the url without the www.part.com so part.com results in the error. 
> 4. An other strange thing is in the backend. pages are not refrehing when for example adding a new Content Element to a page. Nothing shows up the page stays white/ empty. Same thing when using the extension manager. Some actions keep the manager just showing the work in progress circle and nothing is happening anymore. 
> How to resolve these two things point 3 and 4 ? Thanks.
> My system: including Templavoila,  PHP/5.3.3-7+squeeze15 - mysql versie 5.1.66  versie typo3 4.6.1. 
> Best Regards,
> HocomAdvies
> Wiechert Hooghwinkel
> www.hocom-advies.nl
> Op 28 mrt. 2013, om 11:06 heeft Xavier Perseguers het volgende geschreven:
>> Hi,
>>> I am still on 4.7.x, because Gridelements wasn't ready for 6.x. Now it
>> gridelements2 is available from Forge and is compatible with 6.x. It is
>> not yet bullet proof but works! Trick: you just have to checkout branch
>> 2-0 because master is empty :)
>>> is and I would like to try the update. In earlier years it was a good
>>> strategy to update in small steps, like 4.7.x -> 6.0 -> 6.1. On the
>>> other hand, this 6.0 release came with a big bang, and an avalanche of
>>> problems for migrated sites, which might have been solved in 6.1.
>> Fixes have all been backported to 6.0 so simply use a current 6.0
>> (6.0.4) and you should be fine.
>>> Could you recommend an update path? I'm not talking about a production
>>> site, so I'm allowed to take some risks.
>> Make sure all of your extensions are up-to-date, backup your website+DB
>> (as usual) and try...
>> Kind regards
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