[TYPO3-english] Update of late 4.7.x to 6.0 or 6.1

Thomas Skierlo pubtsk1 at pix-pro.eu
Thu Mar 28 12:17:31 CET 2013

Thanks for your help, Xavier.

I hope I'll be lucky, since I use no extensions except realUrl, 
Gridelements, News and my own ones. I pushed the old Gridelements pretty 
much to it's limits, using static files/TSConfig.  I think, that I've to 
uninstall GE (old version) first. Than the 6.0 update, followed by a GE2 
installation. Is there a chance that my elements (> 20) will survive the 
> Hi,
>> I am still on 4.7.x, because Gridelements wasn't ready for 6.x. Now it
> gridelements2 is available from Forge and is compatible with 6.x. It is
> not yet bullet proof but works! Trick: you just have to checkout branch
> 2-0 because master is empty :)
>> is and I would like to try the update. In earlier years it was a good
>> strategy to update in small steps, like 4.7.x -> 6.0 -> 6.1. On the
>> other hand, this 6.0 release came with a big bang, and an avalanche of
>> problems for migrated sites, which might have been solved in 6.1.
> Fixes have all been backported to 6.0 so simply use a current 6.0
> (6.0.4) and you should be fine.
>> Could you recommend an update path? I'm not talking about a production
>> site, so I'm allowed to take some risks.
> Make sure all of your extensions are up-to-date, backup your website+DB
> (as usual) and try...
> Kind regards

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