[TYPO3-english] How to use getText "data" with XLF?

Michael Bakonyi kontakt at mb-neuemedien.de
Wed Mar 6 17:05:22 CET 2013

Hi Viktor,

thx for your reply.

Am 06.03.13 16:30, schrieb Viktor Livakivskyi:
> I'm not sure, that you're right.
> We're running many projects in TYPO3 4.7, where we use FLUIDTEMPLATE with 
> following notations:
> {f:translate(key: 'LLL:fileadmin/path/to/locallang.xml:page.logo.title', 
> default: 'Home')}
> and it works correctly.
> I only remember issues in localization with XLIFF, when only English
> were always fetched, when you were trying to get them via fluid
> or TS, like in this topic.

I don't know if the same classes and functions are called by FLUID in
comparison to TS so I can't comment that. But when I moved my folder
with the XLF-files from fileadmin to typo3conf/ext/ the labels were
fetched correctly – including the correct language.


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