[TYPO3-english] FAL orderBy and in pages

Huf Daniel d.huf at theoreme.ch
Tue Mar 5 18:45:05 CET 2013


I'm trying to find a way to get images out of the FAL but I'd like to 
get all the images in the media field under a specific page.

lib.page.images = FILES
lib.page.images {
     references {
         table = pages
         uid.data = leveluid: -1, slide
         fieldName = media
     renderObj = COA
     renderObj {
         10 = IMAGE
         10 {
             file {
                 import.data = file:current:publicUrl
                 width = 260c
                 height = 260c
             altText.data = file:current:title
             titleText.data = file:current:description
             stdWrap.typolink.parameter.data = file:current:link
     stdWrap.wrap = <div>|</div>
     required = 1

So the slide is working, but only upward the pages and is there a way to 
limit and order the selection by date for example ?

Or do I have to make a selection of all the pages and then get the 
images of each of them that have a linked file ?

Thanks for your help,

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