[TYPO3-english] which template system? Automaketemplate? Yaml? Twitter bootstrap?

Henjo Hoeksma | Stylence me at henjohoeksma.nl
Tue Jul 9 16:51:51 CEST 2013

Hi Alessandro,

first of it is of course a choice you are free to make.
Personally I go for new sites with the Fluid Templating engine. It will
stick around and makes stuff (more) portable to Neos in the near future
(but that also is a choice ... ;-) )

Not all sites will be developed on Bootstrap I guess. I did some, but are
more and more using ZURB Foundation as a framework these days.
Although all Fedext extension have some great stuff inside I prefer not
using them myself. They seem to be way too heavy and I'd like to be not
dependant so much on (whole sets of) different extensions. Again, this is
choice and my preference.

Fluid Templating is easy and Flexible.

Combine it with for example DCE (or GridElements) and Backend Layouts and
you can do whatever you like...

Have fun!

Kind regards,


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On Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 4:15 PM, Alessandro Tuveri <at at uniud.it> wrote:

> Hello t3world,
> recently I have a doubt. Looking to the typo3.org I discovedered that,
> intothe demo section there is the bootstrap package based on TWITTER
> Another popular templating system is based on automaketemplate (should be
> working under v 6.2) unfortunately this can be marked as "almost obsolete".
> Another is YAML (cl_yamltv); this is based on templaVoilà.
> The "third option" to consider is T3 BOOTSTRAP:
> demo.typo3.org
> Now I am a bit confused. What choice is better? Maybe that the best choice
> to look at the future is T3 BOOTSTRAP, because this is written entirely for
> FLUID template system.
> I can't figure what the other two can survive. Automaketemplate for the BE
> user is outdated because can't offert the same interface to build freely
> the columns required; the second depends on templaVoila' (forgive me but I
> read sometimes that templaVoilà will not supported for the most
> recent versions of typo3).
> Moreover reading this page:
> https://typo3.org/news/**article/typo3-cms-agenda-more-**
> long-term-support/<https://typo3.org/news/article/typo3-cms-agenda-more-long-term-support/>
> it seems that v.6.x LTS will be the one running until v4.5.x sites will be
> migrated.
> What version of CMS TYPO3 and Template System is to offer for a new site?!?
> Thank you to all!
> uoting Domi <djgarms at gmail.com>:
>  Hello,
>> I set up a website with the _DOMAIN functionality of realurl. Everything
>> works how it is supposed to be. But one thing is bugging me:
>> I can paste the readable URL path from one language into the other and it
>> works as if the correct language path would have been taken:
>> DOMAIN.DE/path_in_english.html
>>   -> show german content of this path
>> DOMAIN.COM/path_in_german.html
>>   -> shows english content of this path
>> Did I miss a flag in the realurl setup for preventing this behaviour? My
>> sitemap.xml doesn't create this paths, so not sure if this would be ever
>> displayed, but I see it as a risk of duplicated content.
>> I use 6.1.1 and newest realurl. Would be great if somebody can tell me if
>> there is any option I missed out.
>> Regards,
>> Dominic
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