[TYPO3-english] which template system? Automaketemplate? Yaml? Twitter bootstrap?

Alessandro Tuveri at at uniud.it
Tue Jul 9 16:15:00 CEST 2013

Hello t3world,

recently I have a doubt. Looking to the typo3.org I discovedered that,  
intothe demo section there is the bootstrap package based on TWITTER  

Another popular templating system is based on automaketemplate (should  
be working under v 6.2) unfortunately this can be marked as "almost  

Another is YAML (cl_yamltv); this is based on templaVoilà.

The "third option" to consider is T3 BOOTSTRAP:

Now I am a bit confused. What choice is better? Maybe that the best  
choice to look at the future is T3 BOOTSTRAP, because this is written  
entirely for FLUID template system.

I can't figure what the other two can survive. Automaketemplate for  
the BE user is outdated because can't offert the same interface to  
build freely the columns required; the second depends on templaVoila'  
(forgive me but I read sometimes that templaVoilà will not  
supported for the most recent versions of typo3).

Moreover reading this page:

it seems that v.6.x LTS will be the one running until v4.5.x sites  
will be migrated.

What version of CMS TYPO3 and Template System is to offer for a new site?!?

Thank you to all!

uoting Domi <djgarms at gmail.com>:

> Hello,
> I set up a website with the _DOMAIN functionality of realurl.  
> Everything works how it is supposed to be. But one thing is bugging  
> me:
> I can paste the readable URL path from one language into the other  
> and it works as if the correct language path would have been taken:
> DOMAIN.DE/path_in_english.html
>   -> show german content of this path
> DOMAIN.COM/path_in_german.html
>   -> shows english content of this path
> Did I miss a flag in the realurl setup for preventing this  
> behaviour? My sitemap.xml doesn't create this paths, so not sure if  
> this would be ever displayed, but I see it as a risk of duplicated  
> content.
> I use 6.1.1 and newest realurl. Would be great if somebody can tell  
> me if there is any option I missed out.
> Regards,
> Dominic
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