[TYPO3-english] Random content (images and media)

Gregory Loichot gloichot at cross-systems.ch
Tue Jan 8 10:25:27 CET 2013


I'm still using my T3 4.5.10, and I would like ton insert randomly 
content from a sysfolder into a specific page.

So, I wrote a small TS:

lib.randomContent = COA_INT
lib.randomContent {
     10 = CONTENT
     10 {
         table = tt_content
         select {
             pidInList = 10
             max = 1
             orderBy = rand()

I included that TS into my page. Page 10 is a folder containing "images" 
and "media". Medias are swf files.

All images are perfectly randomly displayed, but media are never displayed.

What should I do to display my medias?

Thank you,

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