[TYPO3-english] TCA/IRRE: limit possible "type" of related child records in "inline" fields?

JoH asenau info at cybercraft.de
Mon Jan 14 18:00:27 CET 2013

Am 07.01.2013 17:01, schrieb Roland:
> hi everybody,
> i have got an custom extension with a table column of type "inline". in
> this collumn tt_content records can be added/saved via IRRE.
> question: is there a possibility to limit tt_content record *types* so
> that e.g. only tt_records types "header", "text" and "image" can be
> added/saved in this field?

You might wwant to take a look at the current trunk version of gridelements.
We are using so called "top level layouts" and "allowed elements" there 
to restrict the available tt_content elements inside any column of the 
current backend layout and/or grid element layout.

Most of the job is done by an itemsProcFunc on CTyoe but some additional 
voodoo will be necessary to modify the new element wizard or the drop 
behaviour of content elements.



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