[TYPO3-english] How to modify clearing of configuration cache in TYPO3 6.0

Armin Rüdiger Vieweg armin.vieweg at sunzinet.com
Tue Jan 8 10:41:01 CET 2013


I would like to make my DCE extension compatible with TYPO3 6.0 - and it  
is already compatible mostly. But what is not working after updating to  
6.0 is the modified clearing of the configuration cache.

My extension creates two cachefiles in typo3conf folder. When the user  
clears the configuration cache, these two files should be deleted, too.

Currently I'm using the xclass ['XCLASS']['t3lib/class.t3lib_tcemain.php']  
and overwrite the method removeCacheFiles(). But this xclass seems not to  
exist anymore.

So, I have no clue how to "hook" into the new  

I hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance.

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