[TYPO3-english] Localization Manager does not export all fields/columns of the tables

Roland most.wanted at gmx.at
Wed Feb 27 10:49:12 CET 2013

hi everybody,

i tried to export some tables in one of my projects (TYPO3 4.7.7) with 
EXT:l10nmgr v3.4.0 (=current version) and had to realize that not all 
fields of the tables have been exported.

Maybe EXT:l10nmgr v3.4.0 really does not work with TYPO3 4.7 - as set in 
ext_emconf.php: "depends on 4.4.0-4.6.99"

i tried to find out why some of the fields are exported but others 
not... but did not succeed.

did anybody else have the same problem?

kind regards


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