[TYPO3-english] Info on Fluid

Pero Peric pperic at pero.hr
Mon Apr 29 16:39:45 CEST 2013

Hi. I've been away from TYPO3 for some time and now I see Fluid, ExtBase, 
Bootsrap bla bla.. and I ask myself WTF?? :-) I have to develop a new site 
and I don't have much time to investigate things so I will probably stick 
with an old school TYPO3 development based on modern templating part 2 and 3 
but I would like to ask if there is some tutorial (like modern templating) 
for this Fluid thing? I found this 
http://fedext.net/overview/beginners-guide.html but I don't see something 
useful as a tutorial doc. I'd also like to know what I get with this 
compared with old kind of development? I see this like some sort of next 
generation TemplaVoila which I never used because of lack of documentation 
and non compatibility with some extensions. Thx!


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