[TYPO3-english] Re: Give +1 for the Extension Feedback Process

Elmar Hinz t3elmar at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 30 13:22:35 CEST 2013

> I think a hand with thumb up and one with thumb down are much more
> intutive, than any "YES / NO" wording stuff.

Yes, thumbs ard great to picture the buttons.

> Technically it's the same.


2.5.1:  + 200 -  50  

With thumbs this is nice.  My idea was

2.5.1: 200/250  

meaning 200 of 250 are working (similar to a percentage).

Acutally I can't judge wich is more  to the human mind,
but I think your version with nice thumbs would win.


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