[TYPO3-english] TYPO3 6.0.4 and PHP 5.3.3-7

Robert Wildling rowild at gmx.net
Wed Apr 17 18:41:56 CEST 2013

It'll be of better help and less a waste of time, if you'd answer right 
away in the best possible manner.

I am pretty sure, nobody posts here any questions without having googled 
it first. At least, it's just fair to assume that - and you should 
assume that, too.

> Hi!
> Robert Wildling wrote:
>> @Dmitry: I consider your attitude as arrogant and a waste of time here
>> on the list. Please stop posting useless answers and stop littering
>> Google with senseless comments!
> As I wrote above, the answer to this message is not short or simple. To
> get the best understanding of it, it is best to search. There are
> several topics, shown by Google at the top, that help understand issues
> and how to avoid them.
> I gave a brief answer in the other response, which should help digging
> deeper if issues pop up.
> I believe I gave a good valid answer in this particular case. And I
> believe, you are over-reacting. It was not a "google it" message but a
> recommendation to study the issue.
> Thank you for your opinion, anyway.

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