[TYPO3-english] Extension Manager will not import extensions

Jim MacFarlane jmacfarlane094 at gmail.com
Wed May 30 10:25:57 CEST 2012

I am quite frustrated with the extension manager in 4.7.1. I saw the same
problem in 4.6, but not in 4.5. I am almost ready to give up on the new
release because I am not able to see the entries in the repository to
import them.

 I can press the side arrow to update from the repository, but there is no
way that I have found to see the list or select from it. The box in the
upper left has only one choice, "Extension Manager", even as there are
arrows to the side to select from a list.  Entering a value in the filter
when in the import tab and pressing the enter key makes something happen,
but again there is now output to choose from.

 The manual in the sidebar seems to be talking about earlier versions of
the extension manager that worked.

I have checked the documentation, the database and the system requirements.
All looks good, but there are warnings about missing database fields and
the process is not working correctly.

 Please help me or point me in the direction of documentation that will

I already have a ticket for this, 2012053074000069.

Jim MacFarlane

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