[TYPO3-english] How to add a "rootlevel template"

Rowan Sylvester-Bradley rowan at sylvester-bradley.org
Mon May 28 01:43:09 CEST 2012

This is my first TYPO3 project so no doubt this is a beginner's question.

I have installed the IntroductionPackage-4.7.1.

I now need to install an application written by someone else. It consists of
3 plug-ins. I believe I have installed these correctly.

These plug-ins have created a couple of new database tables. I've checked,
and these have been correctly created.

I am then supposed to be able to add new records to these tables using the
List module. I have tried this, and it seems to work correctly.

The next installation step described by the application author is "create a
new page, add a new rootlevel template and add the following code to the
"setup" field" (a few lines of code follows).

I can add a new page, but I can't find how to create a new "rootlevel

Can someone please give me blow by blow instructions for doing this, or tell
me where to find these instructions if they already exist somewhere?

Many thanks - Rowan

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