[TYPO3-english] How to add a "rootlevel template"

Richard Davies richard at ocular.co.nz
Mon May 28 01:50:30 CEST 2012

Hi Rowan,

Make sure you are an admin - if noone else set up the installation then you
will be - only typo3 admins can create/edit templates.

Everything in typo3 is a record. To create a record on any page, look for
the icon that looks like a sheet with a green plus on it. This will open
the 'add record' menu. You will see template listed there. See the right
pane on this image
in the right pane, youll see the 'new record' image beside the magnifying
glass. Look for that. It should be at the top of the right pane in the
Typo3 Backend. Make sure you are on the page you want to add the template.


On 28 May 2012 11:43, Rowan Sylvester-Bradley
<rowan at sylvester-bradley.org>wrote:

> This is my first TYPO3 project so no doubt this is a beginner's question.
> I have installed the IntroductionPackage-4.7.1.
> I now need to install an application written by someone else. It consists
> of
> 3 plug-ins. I believe I have installed these correctly.
> These plug-ins have created a couple of new database tables. I've checked,
> and these have been correctly created.
> I am then supposed to be able to add new records to these tables using the
> List module. I have tried this, and it seems to work correctly.
> The next installation step described by the application author is "create a
> new page, add a new rootlevel template and add the following code to the
> "setup" field" (a few lines of code follows).
> I can add a new page, but I can't find how to create a new "rootlevel
> template".
> Can someone please give me blow by blow instructions for doing this, or
> tell
> me where to find these instructions if they already exist somewhere?
> Many thanks - Rowan
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