[TYPO3-english] Help changing menu display levels

Loek Hilgersom loek at netcoop.nl
Sun Feb 12 23:53:51 CET 2012

Hi Tim,

On 02/12/2012 02:06 PM, Tim Hogan wrote:
> Thanks for the reply but it is becoming painfully obvious that I am not
> understanding this TypoScript stuff.
> I have a called "Notes" with a content block using the Menu/Sitemap
> plugin that is suppose to show the subpages.  I have a subpage called
> "General" which I have edited and selected the "Hide in Menus" option so
> that it will not show up in the left menu.  I did a search on the
> internet and found "tt_content.menu.20.1.includeNotInMenu = 1" which I
> added to the "Notes" page under the TypoScript Configuration section on
> the Resources tab.  Cleared the cache and tested.

The Typoscript we're talking about here is the Typoscript Setup part from the 
Typoscript Templates. These templates define the Front-end rendering of TYPO3. 
The complete reference of this is the TSref document. Not an easy read, but 
(nearly) everything is in there.

The place where you've put your code now is the Typoscript Configuration or 
TSConfig which is has very little to do with FE-rendering but sets various 
values for (mostly) Backend behaviour of pages and plugins on these pages. 
Documentation is in a document called TSConfig. The code you've put there will 
not do anything in that place (it's setup code).

> While the "General" page does not show up in the sidebar menu (which is
> what I want) it also still does not show up in the Menu/Sitemap content
> plugin, which I want it to show there.
> So since my first attempt is a failure, I guess I should be asking if
> there is some documentation or book out there that is easy to understand
> and would give me a good foundation to try and figure this out?

There are some books about Typoscript, some in English, some more in German, you 
easily find them through Google or typo3.org.
On typo3.org [1] you'll also find various guides and documents that may help 
you, but you'll have to dig in a bit. Start by reading some of those, but beware 
that some are rather old and can be outdated.

If you prefer to learn by doing, there are lots of examples to be found online, 
just google for 'typoscript menu' or 'typoscript example'.


[1] http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/

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