[TYPO3-english] Help changing menu display levels

Urs Bräm info at ursbraem.ch
Mon Feb 13 08:47:45 CET 2012


the number of displayed levels in each menu is set in Typoscript. You 
have to look at the right HMENU element.

First (not sure if you know that already, excuse me if you do), of 
course, you have to find the Typoscript template (which is not to be 
confused with a plain HTML template or the overall idea of a template 
package). It should be in the root page of the site, visible if you use 
the module "Template".

As many TMENU elements as there are in the concerned HMENU, that many 
levels you get.

http://www.typo3wizard.com/en/snippets/menus/text-menu.html has a very 
simple example.

http://wiki.typo3.org/TSref/HMENU has all the options

to get the basics


Am 11.02.12 16:01, schrieb Tim Hogan:
> I am using the template that comes with the introductory package of
> Typo3 and I could use some help trying to figure out how to change the
> number of levels that is displayed for just one page.  If I am
> understanding the layout correctly, it is something like this;
> Home
>    |- Page1
>      |- SubPageLevel1
>        |- SubPageLevel2
>          |- SubPageLevel3
> Page1 is displayed along the top beside of the search bar and the
> SubPages are displayed along the left hand side for three sub-levels.
> What I want to do is stop the display of the sub-menus under
> SubPageLevel2 on the left side but still be able to display level 3 with
> the Menu/SiteContent content element.  I have tried to the the "hide in
> menu" option but that seems to hide the item everywhere.  Any ideas? -
> Thanks

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