[TYPO3-english] tt_news: no news id given

Tom Gillis tom at tidi.be
Wed Feb 8 09:55:46 CET 2012

Thanks for the reply,

I have a page with all the ts config filled in in the setup field with all
the other pages inside that page in the pagetree.
Besides that the only additional config is a few filled in fields (like
where the single view page is) in the tt_news content elements.

So, nothing special.

Tom Gillis

2012/2/7 Tomasz Krawczyk <tomkrawc at gmail.com>

> W dniu 2012-02-07 15:33, Tom Gillis pisze:
>  Hello list,
>> im using the newest version of tt_news and typo3 4.5
>> everything was working a while ago, even after the latest updates to typo3
>> and tt_news.
>> recently there were errors when looking at the single view of a news item
>> "error: no news_id given".
>> clear the cache and problem disappears aswel.
>> can anyone tell me what is causing this or point me in a direction or
>> something? because i would prefer to prevent this in the future, even
>> though clearing the cache clears the problem.
>> regards,
>> Tom Gillis
> Hi Tom!
> It also happens to me. I use tt_news 3.0.1 and TYPO3 4.5.10. It also
> happened before I updated TYPO3 from version 4.5.3. I see this from time to
> time in various categories.
> I have one global TS configuration for news which is included in TS config
> records for every category.
> How it looks in your environment?
> regards
> Tomasz
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