[TYPO3-english] Direct mail with Templavoilà and News

Braulio J. Solano-Rojas braulio at solsoft.biz
Wed Feb 8 01:18:56 CET 2012


I have a site where I am using Templavoila and I have a Direct Mail 
Newsletter.  Everything works fine for HTML email and text email except 
that when there are shortcuts to tt_news records these are not displayed 
in the text email.

I've made what's indicated everywhere about Direct Mail with 
Templavoilà, no difference.

I've also googled this but did not find any solution.

I've tried several things.  Right now I am trying to propagate 
plugin.tx_directmail_pi1.shortcut from the Direct Mail static template 
to the text content with this Typoscript:

[globalVar = GP:print > 0]
# we use the plaintext rendering methods if we have a plaintext version
# so all our content elements have no tags but just good-old plaintext
lib.alt_plaintext.renderObj.siteUrl = http://somesite.com/
# Option one
lib.alt_plaintext.renderObj.shortcut =< plugin.tx_directmail_pi1.shortcut
# Option two
tt_content.shortcut.20 =< plugin.tx_directmail_pi1.shortcut
# Text
tt_content < lib.alt_plaintext.renderObj

lib.newsletter = COA
lib.newsletter {
   5 = TEXT
   5.data = page:title
   5.wrap = <h2>|</h2>
   10 < styles.content.get
   10.renderObj < tt_content

# if we have the plaintext version we cut away all <html> <head> ...
[globalVar = GP:print > 0]
config.disableAllHeaderCode = 1
lib.newsletter.5 >

Of course I am including the static templates from Direct Mail and tt_news.

Has someone done this?

I will appreciate any help.

Best regards,


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