[TYPO3-english] ttnews_rss_import wont work with the scheduler

Moritz Masurek mail at mm80.de
Thu Feb 2 02:17:29 CET 2012

Hello everybody,

Please, I haven't gotten any reply yet. I would like to imprt an rss 
feed automatically with the scheduler. Let me sum up what i did so far:

- I have set up the scheduler, which works normally. Scheduler setup 
check shows no problems.
- I have created the user "_cli_scheduler" with access rights to the 
sysfolder where the tt_news records are stored and a db mount at that 
- I have also created the usergroup called "scheduler" with listing and 
modify rights to "tt_news" and "tt_news categories" on the "Access 
lists" tab of the background usergroup editing page. User 
"_cli_scheduler" is of course a member of that usergroup.

Still, no new tt_news records are created. Probably needless to say, but 
if i run the scheduler task manually, also nothing happens.

If i start ttnews_rss_import manually in the functions module, it is 
working normally.

Best regards


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