[TYPO3-english] blank backend revisited

Katja Lampela katja.lampela at lieska.net
Fri Nov 25 08:23:04 CET 2011

I'm at my wits' end here :(

I want to give more information, if any idea comes up with it, please let me know, because this is getting to be really urgent now.

The background of all this is; I'm moving the sites from one server to another server. This new server has Plesk virtual hosting system.

Now I moved about 10 sites without problems. Now I also did some updating to the source 4.5.6->4.5.7 and now it seems, very many sites (but not all!) don't give backend access any more. I have now tried to upgrade problem sites to 4.5.8 (or downgrade back to 4.5.6) but no help.

Usually the problem site: the backend login screen is there, but after filling the login form and hitting enter, the page gets blank.

If I empty (or delete and create new) the typo3temp folder, then there is now backend login form at all; already at mysite.com/typo3 I get blank screen.

In this thread elsewhere I have given the access log info, the error log doesn't give anything regarding this.

I have compared the sites (+webhosting settings+owner rights) that work ok and the sites that don't work and I just can't find any logical difference. I've tried to uninstall/disable all the extensions one by one in install tool, but no help.

So, PLEASE, if you have any ideas I could try, please let me know. Or contact me privately, if you think you could solve this for payment.

I really need this to be solved asap.

With kind regards

Katja Lampela

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