[TYPO3-english] link modification issue

Yordan Ivanov yorivanov at abv.bg
Mon Nov 7 12:40:31 CET 2011

thanks for your replies,
I use now reaurl extention and my urls is 
and I use one domain for BE and FE
I just want to get rid of 'http://' that RTE put in front of my link
I want my link to be './contact.html' , not 'http://www.domain.com/contact.html'
btw contact page is a part of Typo3 pagetree, this is not an external page
and it doesn't matter for me if I use internal or external link of RTE


 >Yordan Ivanov wrote:
 >> I would like to insert links in my content elements using HTML editor like this
 >> ./contact.html
 >> or contact.html
 >> Now Typo3 editor make them http://mydomain.com/?id=10 for internal links
 >> or adds http:// for external links , like http://contact.html and I want to open in the current window of browser
 >> Is it possible to remove http://
 >Do you use the same domain for BE and FE? Your description looks like you 
 >are editing content for the example1.com but you login to the BE from the 
 >-- John Galt

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