[TYPO3-english] multidomain, alias and google

Dmitry Dulepov dmitry at typo3.org
Tue Nov 16 17:14:55 CET 2010


Mauro Lorenzutti wrote:
> My question is: does google dislike this configuration? I mean: does
> google dislike the use of a lot of aliases in a single vhost even if
> there's no content duplication? A consultant told me that google
> deprecated the use of aliases and banns the sites that use them...

Either your consultant is totally incompetent, or you misunderstand what he 

Google have no idea about virtual hosts. Many servers on the same IP is 
normal these days and nobody knows if they point to the same installation 
or not. Vhosts are typical for the current web. Google does not care. The 
only thing you need is quality content. Even complete content duplication 
on different domains is not a problem these days if you use webmasters 
central to set the main domain for all your domains...

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