[TYPO3-english] ig_ldap_sso_auth issue

Xavier Perseguers typo3 at perseguers.ch
Sat Nov 6 08:16:15 CET 2010

Hi Hebus.JD,

> I'm new on typo3, and I have to CASify a typo3.
> I'm using Typo3 4.3.7, a CAS server 3.4.3 along with an Active Directory
> 2003, and the quickstart site provided with the typo3 installer for my
> tests.
> I followed the tutorial on
> http://xavier.perseguers.ch/tutoriels/typo3/articles/ldapactive-directory.html,
> and I manage to acces to my CAS server, but there are somes issues :
> -When I'm accessing to the login page (on the bigfeet site), I type any
> login and password (even wrong ones) and I'm redirected to my CAS server
> where I have to type a valid login to get back to my site authenticated.
> Is there a way to go through the CAS Server in a transparent way?
> -When I'm clicking on the logout button, I'm redirected to the CAS
> Server (with an address like
> http://localhost:8081/cas/logout?service=http://localhost:8503/index.php?id=19)
> but it doesn't go back to the site.

Seems like either a misconfiguration of the CAS server or some 
incompatibility with the extension which does not properly encode the 
parameters for the CAS server.

Although author of the aforementioned tutorial, I never had to integrate 
with a CAS server between TYPO3 and the AD. As such I won't be able to 
help you.

Perhaps Michael (leader of the extension), if reading this thread may 
put some light on this behavior because he actually added and used this 


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