[TYPO3-english] Access control via the TS template

Graham Knight graham.knight5 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 10:58:29 CET 2010


I have a sub-tree of pages which should be accessible only to members of a particular FE group. I can achieve this by placing the standard login form at the root of the sub-tree and applying the appropriate access controls to the root page and all its sub-pages. The problem with this solution is that a user attempting to access a page in the sub-tree gets a "page not found" error rather than a prompt to log in.

One solution to this that I have seen is to avoid the use of the normal page access controls and, instead, do everything in the template. Essentially the template has a conditional expression which tests whether the user is logged in to the correct FE group. If yes, the page is displayed. If no, a login form is displayed.

This solution seems to me to work fine. My question is whether it is less secure than using the normal page access controls?

Graham Knight

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