[TYPO3-english] Problems with felogin after upgrade to Typo3 4.4.4

seanbro sean.brokenshire at sydney.msf.org
Mon Nov 1 02:27:21 CET 2010


I recently upgraded our Typo3 system from v4.1.7 to v4.4.4. 

I took the necessary steps, as recommended. E.g. First to v4.1.15, to
v4.2.15, to v4.3.8, then finally to v4.4.4. I ran the install tool at each
step and updated the database appropriately as recommended.

Everything has gone fairly smoothly, however we have one website that used
the plugin "newloginbox", in tandem with "kb_md5fepw", as we store all FE
user passwords in an MD5 hash. I found that newloginbox is now deprecated,
and kb_md5fepw is not compatible with v4.4.4. So I decided to try the new
"felogin" that has been built into Typo3 core.

I've found a strange problem. The plugin behaves correctly when editing its
options in the backend, however the FE website shows a default form, as if
the FElogin plugin doesn't exist. i.e. It shows the following:

<form action="nc.html" id="mailform" name="mailform"
enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post" target="_top" onsubmit="return
style="display:none;"><input type="hidden" name="logintype"
id="mailformlogintype" value="login" /><input type="hidden" name="pid"
value="" /></div>
		<!--  Login/Logout form: [begin] -->
			<div class="csc-loginform"><div class="csc-mailform-field"><label
for="mailformuser">Username:</label> <input type="text" name="user"
id="mailformuser" size="20" value="" /></div><div
class="csc-mailform-field"><label for="mailformpass">Password:</label>
<input type="password" name="pass" id="mailformpass" size="20" value=""
/></div><div class="csc-mailform-field"> <input type="submit" name="submit"
id="mailformsubmit" value="Login" class="csc-mailform-submit" /></div></div>

		<!--  Login/Logout form: [end] -->

As you can see, it is behaving like a mailform without any of the added
frills from the new felogin. Weirdly, if I change the URL to an https://
request of the same url (we have an SSL website on the same IP), apart from
the whole SSL mismatch because of the domain, the form appears as it should.

<!-- ###LOGIN_FORM### -->
<form action="nc/welcome.html" target="_top" method="post" onsubmit="">
	<div class="login_input">
		<label for="user">Username:</label>
		<input id="user" name="user" type="text">
	<div class="login_input">
		<label for="pass">Password:</label>

		<input id="pass" name="pass" value="" type="password">
	<div class="login_button">	
		<input name="submit" value="Login" type="submit">

	<div class="felogin-hidden">
		<input name="logintype" value="login" type="hidden">
		<input name="pid" value="64" type="hidden">
		<input name="redirect_url" value="nc.html" type="hidden">


<p> nc/welcome.html?tx_felogin_pi1%5Bforgot%5D=1 Forgot your password? </p>

<!-- ###LOGIN_FORM### -->

Does anyone have any ideas on why this might be happening? Please let me
know if you need more information.


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