[TYPO3-english] how to enable/install new ts editor with syntax highlighting

Steffen Gebert steffen at steffen-gebert.de
Thu Jan 28 10:33:58 CET 2010

Am 28.01.2010, 10:28 Uhr, schrieb Stefanos Karasavvidis <sk at isc.tuc.gr>:

> I've just upgraded to 4.3, and wanted to check out the new TS editor
> with code highlighting etc. But it seems that I'm missing something,
> because my template setup field hasn't changed at all, and shows up as a
> simple text area.
> In the extension repository, there is no extension named "t3editor", and
> in my installed extensions, I see "t3editor" version 1.0.0
> Can please someone point out how to get this new editor?

t3editor is a sysextension, so you can't download it. It's already shipped  
with TYPO3.

Did you execute the upgrade wizard in the install tool? Then you're asked  
to install it.

If it's installad, then you have a checkbox below the Constants/Setup text  
area, to disable/enable t3editor.

Your problem is, I think, that you edit the complete template record,  
don't you?
Just go to the module "Template", select the Page and then edit only  
Constants OR only Setup.


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