[TYPO3-english] how to enable/install new ts editor with syntax highlighting

Stefanos Karasavvidis sk at isc.tuc.gr
Thu Jan 28 10:41:07 CET 2010

Steffen Gebert wrote:
> Am 28.01.2010, 10:28 Uhr, schrieb Stefanos Karasavvidis <sk at isc.tuc.gr>:
>> I've just upgraded to 4.3, and wanted to check out the new TS editor
>> with code highlighting etc. But it seems that I'm missing something,
>> because my template setup field hasn't changed at all, and shows up as a
>> simple text area.
>> In the extension repository, there is no extension named "t3editor", and
>> in my installed extensions, I see "t3editor" version 1.0.0
>> Can please someone point out how to get this new editor?
> t3editor is a sysextension, so you can't download it. It's already
> shipped with TYPO3.
> Did you execute the upgrade wizard in the install tool? Then you're
> asked to install it.
> If it's installad, then you have a checkbox below the Constants/Setup
> text area, to disable/enable t3editor.
> Your problem is, I think, that you edit the complete template record,
> don't you?
> Just go to the module "Template", select the Page and then edit only
> Constants OR only Setup.
Yes, that was the problem!! I always clicked on "Edit the whole template
record". It's perfect!

Thanks Steffen

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