[TYPO3-english] Hide breadcrumb on specific pages

Francois Suter fsu-lists at cobweb.ch
Wed Jan 27 11:04:21 CET 2010


> It could be solved with a PIDinRootline condition, but I would be
> interessted in other solutions.

Rather than conditions, you could place the TS to cancel your breadcrumb 
on the specific page. It saves you a condition, which is better for 
performance (less cache) and easier for the overview of your TS.

You could also split your breadcrumb into two parts: handle the main 
page separately and start your breadcrumb only on tree level 1. So you 
add the link to "Main" only if the breadcrumb is not empty. That's just 
an idea, I don't know if it's really usable for your site's structure.



Francois Suter
Cobweb Development Sarl - http://www.cobweb.ch

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