[TYPO3-english] Hide breadcrumb on specific pages

Pim Broens - Redkiwi broens at redkiwi.nl
Wed Jan 27 10:57:05 CET 2010

Hi Ben,

> It could be solved with a PIDinRootline condition, but I would be
> interessted in other solutions.
> Many thanks,
> greets ben

I think using conditions is still the best way to go. Because of the
some page do/some page don't kinda way. You might consider using some
other params though. Like check if the 'hideInMenu' option for the page
is set, and if so, don't show the breadcrumbs / empty the marker.

Of course you could also make it so that the 'hideInMenu' is displayed
on a hidden page using 'includeNotInMenu' [1]. This way the breadcrumb
will appear nicer on those pages.


Kind regards,
Pim Broens

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