[TYPO3-english] tagpack: problems since upgrading to 0.12

JoH asenau info at cybercraft.de
Fri Jan 8 13:07:40 CET 2010

> I also had this problem and dived into the code yesterday. Until now I
> found, that there is some sort of weird configuration handling in
> class pi3/class.tx_tagpack_pi3.php
> around line 222 there is an assignment made
> $filters = $conf['taggedElements.']['additionalFilters.'][$table.'.'];

This is not as weird as it might look at a first glance.
For each table that has been made "taggable" there might be additional
filters to set.
i.e. for tt_news there might be a category to be used as additional filter.
This can be set via TypoScript.

> As the result of $filters is then being used for looping through the
> found items in my setup nothing was returned.
> I only use the default setup (so no additional tables like tt_news)
> and so I looked in the TSOB and found no configuration for
> $conf['taggedElements.']['additionalFilters.'][$table.'.'] (as I'm
> only using pages and tt_content).
> So my solution was to replace that assignment by
> if ($conf['taggedElements.']['additionalFilters.'][$table.'.']) {
>   $filters =
> $conf['taggedElements.']['additionalFilters.'][$table.'.']; } else {
> $filters = array(); }
> and now it works. I get all my results as I want.

The interesting question is, why it works with 4.2.10 and not with 4.3.0

Will dig deeper and hopefully come up with a new bugfix version today.

Thanx for reporting


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