[TYPO3-english] tagpack: problems since upgrading to 0.12

Florian Schaeffer florian.schaeffer at mercoline.de
Fri Jan 8 10:58:33 CET 2010

Claudio Strizzolo schrieb:
> Hi all,
> I am experiencing problems with the pi3 plugin of tagpack extension, 
> since I have upgraded from version 0.10.4 to 0.12 on a Typo3 4.3.0 site.
> The pi1 plugin works perfectly, but when I click on a tag, the pi3 
> returns no matches, as if the tag had not been assigned to any pages.

Hello Claudio,

nice to see that there are other people using tagpack ...

I also had this problem and dived into the code yesterday. Until now I 
found, that there is some sort of weird configuration handling in class

around line 222 there is an assignment made
$filters = $conf['taggedElements.']['additionalFilters.'][$table.'.'];

As the result of $filters is then being used for looping through the 
found items in my setup nothing was returned.

I only use the default setup (so no additional tables like tt_news) and 
so I looked in the TSOB and found no configuration for 
$conf['taggedElements.']['additionalFilters.'][$table.'.'] (as I'm only 
using pages and tt_content).

So my solution was to replace that assignment by

if ($conf['taggedElements.']['additionalFilters.'][$table.'.']) {
  $filters = $conf['taggedElements.']['additionalFilters.'][$table.'.'];
} else { $filters = array(); }

and now it works. I get all my results as I want.

But as I just started using the extension yesterday I don't know, if 
there is a deeper meaning of using the filters configuration.

Maybe JoH can enlighten us ?


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