[TYPO3-english] Indexed search and frontend usergroups

Bartbogdan bdubelaar at sundayafternoon.nl
Tue Feb 23 11:31:53 CET 2010

Op 2010-02-22 12:33:06 +0100, zei Peter Russ <peter.russ at 4many.net>:

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> Absender:   Bartbogdan
> Datum:       22.02.2010 11:27:
>> Hello all,
>> We're experiencing the following issue with indexed search: We have a 
>> basic setup of indexed search (no crawler) and a basic website with 
>> frontend user login.
>> Now if a user is not logged in then search works perfectly, all pages 
>> that have ever been viewed and cached are shown in the results. 
>> However, if a user logs in and uses search, then only results show of 
>> pages that have been viewed by logged in users. Because users seldom 
>> log in almost no pages are shown in the results.
>> The question is how to disable this behavior? Pages that have been 
>> viewed and cached with nog coupled usergroup should always be shown in 
>> the results (seems logical right?). Does anyone have an idea on how to 
>> solve this?
>> Best regards,
>> Bart
> First: it's not logical as indexed_search vaildates content against 
> usergroup(s). So if a user is loged in this is different from no user 
> loged in, i.e. {0,-1} != {-2,,,}
> If you want to change this extend indexed_search or simply use the crawler ;-)
> Peter.

Yes I understand that. But in this case (and I believe in many cases) 
most content does not change for different usergroups. Also we are 
using many usergroups, this results in users having almost unique 
combinations of usergroups. So in effect the user will only find pages 
he has visited himself. And in the end most of these pages are exactly 
the same as if they were viewed without any usergroup..
I don't think that the crawler will help out here, as I must then 
configure the crawler to crawl for every combination of usergroups. 
Also this will result in thousands of copies of the same page being 
indexed and cached.

So I think I would have to extend indexed search then. But I find it 
strange that users do not run into this problem more often. Or does 
noone use indexed search? If so, are there better search solutions that 
are easy to install and do not need extra server software?

Best regards,

Bart Dubelaar

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