[TYPO3-english] beginner to plugin development

bernd wilke t3ng at pi-phi.tk
Wed Feb 17 01:03:30 CET 2010

Am Tue, 16 Feb 2010 22:52:44 +0100 schrieb Erik Svendsen:

> That's a problem in the TYPO3 world. Some important books are only in
> German. Books on such fundamental new part as Extbase/Fluid should have
> been published in English from day one. Not doing so are in my opinion
> hurting TYPO3's potential outside certain countries.
> Else, Dmitry's book should be "standard" equipment for anyone working
> with implementing TYPO3 sites. Even me which not are doing much
> extensions development has good use of it when trying to track down
> "bugs" in extensions.

I don't think that you can blame the authors publishing a book in their 
native language. Especially as these books are not from the assoziation 
but from privat people.
I think the problem is the poor (public) documentation inside of TYPO3 
(and maybe of all open source projects)

The development is done by programmers, which are happy if their code in 
the end runs without errors.
Given so much time into coding there is no further time to document it 
And beside/after the volunteer work of coding they need to get money with 
their usual work to live.
As a programmer I'm used to neglect the documentation as there is no time 
at the end of a project (kinky last changes are more important to 
customers than documentation) and 'the next project is more important' 
than documentation of the last one which is running.

Be happy that at least any authors do a good documentation with these 
books. I would like to support these authors and the community in 
translating (parts of) these german books to english, but as I'm not an 
native english speaker my translation is likely to bad to be useful.

As TYPO3 is used in germany a lot there are a lot of german people 
working with TYPO3 and some few of them are able (and willing) to write 
With other subjects I'm used to miss good german (or english) books as 
the most authors are foreign and publish their books in their language I 
can't understand.


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