[TYPO3-english] Backend problems after update to 4.3.1.

Menno Appelhof demennooos at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 16:37:23 CET 2010

In article <mailman.1.1266330324.402.typo3-english at lists.typo3.org>,
 "Philipp Gampe" <phil at philippgampe.info> wrote:

> Am 16.02.2010, 11:45 Uhr, schrieb Menno Appelhof <demennooos at gmail.com>:
> > Hi Group,
> >
> > Last week I have upgraded our 4.1 version to 4.3.1 (with the step of
> > upgrading to 4.2 in between).
> >
> > Everything went smooth, the frontend is working normally, it is the
> > backend giving me headaches now.
> > When I log in on the backend the menu on the left is shown normally, the
> > page tree is shown normally, but on the right side the content window is
> > just showing the frontend website.
> >
> > The standard Typo Mods like Template, List and Access work normally, but
> > Page (with TV icont), Templavoila, News Adminand a few other just show
> > the homepage on the right side of the screen.
> sound like a wrong backpath ... can you check the url of the frame? I  
> guess it misses the subdir and links directly to domain.tld/typo3/ instead  
> domain.tld/path/typo3

The path was correct.
When I checked the server error logs there was a notification that the 
CHMOD settings were not correct and it caused an SoftException in 
Application.cpp:564, followed by a Premature end of script headers: 

I changed those settings and now it works.

Strangely according to the install script all settings were ok. Maybe 
something for the developers to look into and have the wrong settings 
set to ERROR in the install script.

Well it works now and it made my day. Thanks for putting me in the right 


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