[TYPO3-english] Backend problems after update to 4.3.1.

Philipp Gampe phil at philippgampe.info
Tue Feb 16 15:23:00 CET 2010

Am 16.02.2010, 11:45 Uhr, schrieb Menno Appelhof <demennooos at gmail.com>:

> Hi Group,
> Last week I have upgraded our 4.1 version to 4.3.1 (with the step of
> upgrading to 4.2 in between).
> Everything went smooth, the frontend is working normally, it is the
> backend giving me headaches now.
> When I log in on the backend the menu on the left is shown normally, the
> page tree is shown normally, but on the right side the content window is
> just showing the frontend website.
> The standard Typo Mods like Template, List and Access work normally, but
> Page (with TV icont), Templavoila, News Adminand a few other just show
> the homepage on the right side of the screen.

sound like a wrong backpath ... can you check the url of the frame? I  
guess it misses the subdir and links directly to domain.tld/typo3/ instead  

Philipp Gampe

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