[TYPO3-english] Time based pulishing

bernd wilke t3ng at pi-phi.tk
Sun Feb 7 15:53:57 CET 2010

Am Sun, 07 Feb 2010 15:40:36 +0530 schrieb Rohit Vachhani:

> Hi All,
> I have recently installed Typo3 4.3 and was looking for a way to have
> time based publishing. There is an option for adding time in content
> access tab but no time. I had installed date2cal extension, it allows to
> add time but content is not published on the assigned time.
> I have tried to look for a solution over the Internet but could not find
> any. Request to please let me know if there is an option for adding time
> for content publishing as this is one of the key factors.

just for clarification:
I assume you want to publish content not only based on date but on hour 
and maybe minute.

the first problem is the database-/table-fields for access. these fields 
are of type unixtime, which has a resolution of seconds. But as default 
you can't enter a value for hour or minute as the definition in TCA says 
just date-values.
This could be changed (by an extension) so that you can enter your format.
as you wrote the extension date2cal already did this for you.

the second problem (as Jigal already has written): the internal cache 
from TYPO3 works by default on a 24hour base. with the TS-setting 
config.cache_clearAtMidnight = 1 each day (by date) the content is build 
up new.

you have to reduce the cache period to your time-resolution (and keep in 
mind: reducing the cache time to  e.g. 1 hour may reproduce content up to 
1 hour false, as the cache may build up 1 sec before a change would take 
If you can't live with this incorrectness you have to disable the cache 
(at least for the pages your exact timed content is required).

Cache disabling can be done with your own plugins (USER_INT as Jigal 
wrote) but not for default-content/-pages.
As TYPO3 is a very big PHP-script disabling cache completely is a bad 
solution and only acceptable for low-traffic websites. Try to disable at 
less cache as possible.


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