[TYPO3-english] disable sorting and delete buttons from backend field of type "group" in custom extension

Jochem Nabuurs jochem at roquin.nl
Thu Aug 19 14:19:40 CEST 2010

Hi list,

I'm writing a custom extension which uses a group-type field to show 
related records. This is the code I'm using:
'tx_roqfeuserext_related_cvs' => array(
		'exclude' => 1,
		"label" => 
         "config" => Array (
             "type" => "group",
             "internal_type" => "db",
                 "allowed" => "tx_roqbanenbank_cvs",
             "size" => "5",
             "maxitems" => "5",
             "minitems" => "0",
             "show_thumbs" => "1",

It works like a charm, but what I like to do is adjust the rendering so 
no sorting and delete buttons are available. Or make the field readonly, 
  whilst retaining the possibility to edit the selected fields through 
the "show_thumbs" value. I know there's a value "readOnly" available 
within the "config" context, but when I set that value, it cancels the 
effect of "show_thumbs".

Hope someone has a solution.

Kind regards,


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