Andreas Becker ab.becker at web.de
Sun Nov 15 04:14:30 CET 2009

Hi all

The same request like with Schools i would need also for Governmental and
Municipality Purposes.

What extensions are used in which form and setting in Governmental ad
Municipality settings based on TYPO3! It would be nice if you could post
also examples of municipal websites around the world based on TYPO3 and
explane their functionality and what extensions they are actually using to
achieve their specific purposes. We would like to convince governmental
officers to switch to and use TYPO3.

For Governmental websites also the new electronic "passport" stuff is
interesting and how this integrates into TYPO3 - especially in terms of

For local some Municipalities also Touristical Extensions i.e promoting a
destination could be interesting - i.e. also booking, travelplaning. Please
show some live examples and describe how the TYPO3 site is working, so that
the decision makers can experience the benefits in using TYPO3 by

Thanks a lot for your help


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