[TYPO3-english] Solution to slow remote scripts?

Wiel, J.A.M. van de j.a.m.v.d.wiel at tue.nl
Wed May 27 19:31:46 CEST 2009


My experience with sites like Google or similar is, that in most cases
(99%) the problem is not due to the fact of response time as these sites
are optimized for high loads.
BUT Firebug! Because it takes time to parse and analyse the code.

So if I experience "slow" response times on a site I disable FB first to
see what happens.

It might be a legal issue to cache external code without taking header
information into account. I'm not an attorney...



You need a pretty big server farm to beat Google, but the DNS lookup may take some precious seconds. If you can get away with just a single lookup for www.yoursite.com, and get everything from there, it'll be very fast. And including external javascripts through a <script> tag doesn't bother with headers anyway, so there's not really an issue there. Google even used to encourage hosting their analytics JS locally, if I recall correctly.


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