[TYPO3-english] [TYPO3] Deprecation files in typo3conf

Andreas Becker ab.becker at web.de
Mon May 25 07:14:45 CEST 2009

we tested now some sites on the alpha3 Version and have even more problems
with this logging.
As soon as we delete a large logfile the site is loading fast again, so
there seems to be something slowing down the loading of sites by these

Is the logfile below 10.000 it loads fine but as soon as it is getting
higher than 100.000.000 it slows totally down and at 400.000.000 it is more
or less standing and no more loading.

It would be really good if somebody would know a way how we could deactivate
this logging.

Also I am rally not sure what the process should be for those log files?
Who is analyzing it?

Take i.e. TemplaVoila one of the major extensions and lot of others have
same problems. Should we all send our logfiles now to Dmitry so that he can
change the deprecated function? I guess he won't be very happy about this?

IMHO it would be much better to have this logging as an option so that the
extension developers themselves can check their own extensions and change
them as soon as possible so that at least with starting of the BETA releases
this deprecated files will more or less be empty!

If I would sit down and write up on a website which extensions are affected
this would be a huge list of major extensions used in thousands of TYPO3
websites. If we would do this website on a central place we could collect
all deprecated functions sorted by extension name but it would more or less
also demonstrate that TYPO3 seems some kind of an old grandmother waiting to
jump into the pool to be young again. This can't be the way of getting rid
of these deprecated extensions and functions.

Is there some kind of Death Line where those deprecated functions should
have been removed? and will Extensions still having those deprecated
function been simply deleted in TER to get a better overview?

Perhaps it would be good simply to warn people from downloading/updating
Extensions from TER which still have deprecated functions. i.e. by putting a
simple Imageoverlay to those extensions like : "contains deprecated
functions - use with care in 4.3"

If the logging is only to write a nice huge logfile and nothing more it is
IMHO more or less really useless!
And should be deactivated by default and an option to use it.


2009/5/19 Erik Svendsen <erik at linnearad.no>

> Hi!
> Andreas Becker skrev:
> > Hi All deprecation_bcc94f0ef4.log In TYPO3conf lots of these deprecation
> log
> > files get written. What is it all about as they slow down the loading
> > process completly! some of those files on one of our customer site is
> > 333,341,314 big huge! It shows lots of records from TemplaVoila and some
> > other extensions. Here is a shorter view inside - did not list complete:
> > (its about 10 - 20 times as long I guess!)
> >
> As far as I know, they don't slow down anything. It's only logs and are
> only written to. The size doesn't matter as it's not being read. You can
> delete them if you want.
> >> Integrated logging of calls to deprecated functions
> >
> > A deprecation log has been introduced to track calls to
> deprecated/outdated
> >> methods in the TYPO3 Core. Developers have to make sure to adjust their
> code
> >> to avoid using this old functionality since deprecated methods will be
> >> removed in future TYPO3 releases.
> >
> > http://news.typo3.org/news/article/typo3-43-alpha-2/
> >
> > When you see what extensions are in there than it seems most of TYPO3
> needs
> > to be overhault ;-) especially TemplaVoila!
> >
> Read what this log are doing. It's a way to track down Extensions which
> are using depreceated methods (and also other places where depreceated
> Methods are used).
> As a lot of these changes in core are new (in TYPO3 4.2/4.3) it's
> logical that a lot of extensions will use depreceated methods and throw
> a line in the log.
> As I can see every TemplaVoila message is refering to one depreceated
> method, t3lib_div::makeInstanceClassName().
> As t3lib_div::makeInstanceClassName() is depreceated in 4.3, you can't
> expect that extensions which aren't updateted to work with 4.3 changes
> in 4.3 don't have a large possibility to throw an "message" like this.
> Remember a lot of extensions are years old.
> It's not any problem either, as long as the depreceated methods aren't
> removed.
> Yes, some extensions has to be corrected to work in future versions of
> TYPO3, but this is normal for every piece of software when the "core"
> part is developed to new and better versions and a lot of extensions are
> changed many times in the past because of such changes.
> > How can we deactivate this?
> No need to - it doesn't do any harm, and I don't know of any way to
> deactive the writing of logs. But you can delete the logs from time to time
> As this is a question regarding 4.3-alpha, it should be asked in
> dev-list. By the way, normaly you don't use alpha versions on
> productions sites.
> >
> > Andi
> Bests
> Erik Svendsen
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