[TYPO3-english] German translation for day and month in tt_news

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Mon May 25 00:03:21 CEST 2009

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Betreff:    [TYPO3-english] German translation for day and month in tt_news
> Hi list,
> I'm configuring a English/German site and was until now quite  
> successful... but now I can't get the German names for a day or a  
> month with tt_news.
> I was able to change the date format depending on the language, but  
> 'Sonntag, den 24. Mai 2009' bleibt 'Sunday, den 24. May 2009'
> The problem is perhaps linked to another one: I installed the TS  
> Language pack for German, but the EM still shows it on a grey row (but  
> with the de-install '-' sign!!!) instead of a pink one.
> Did I miss a step?
> Thanks, Sébastien

In the german list yoour queestion was answered recently:

manual tt_news:

manual php:

plugin.tt_news.displayList.date_stdWrap.strftime= %d.%m.%y
plugin.tt_news.displayLatest.date_stdWrap.strftime= %d.%m.%y
plugin.tt_news.displaySingle.date_stdWrap.strftime= %d.%m.%y

plugin.tt_news.rgnewslinks {
    # nicht vom Ersten zum Letzten und umgekehrt verlinken
    loop = 0
    defaultPrevText =
    defaultNextText =
    prevLink.wrap = &#124;&nbsp;
    nextLink.wrap =
    prevLinkText.override = Vor
    nextLinkText.override = Zurück
plugin.tt_news._LOCAL_LANG.de.rgnewslinksPageBrowser = Datensatz %s von 
%s insgesamt

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