[TYPO3-english] German translation for day and month in tt_news

Martin Holtz typo3 at martinholtz.de
Sun May 24 22:39:50 CEST 2009

Hi Sébastien,

> Does that mean that I have to ask my system administrator to install a
> german locale? Or is it based on the typo3 level that I can control?
you have to ask you administrator whats your local is.

>> You configured a locale for german that is not available on your
>> server,
>> so it can't return the correct names for days and months.
you have to set

config.locale_all = ###place your locale here###

It depends on your system, what your local definition is.

Often used are:


"deu" or "german"

but your admin should be able to help you with that,

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