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Thu May 21 16:52:01 CEST 2009

Hello Kenneth,

Jill E. Anderson wrote:
> I believe a template selector is the easiest and safest solution
> assuming your primary goal is to let authors create pages with
> different templates you predefine.

Another approach could be the layout selector of the page record.

You can define different layouts in yout template by using the condition:

[globalVar = TSFE:page|layout = 1]
TS for this layout

So first you define a default layout (without the condition) and then
you can define changes in the template for other layouts using the
mentioned condition.

This way you can change your entire template for another layout if you
want or just the html template, the stylesheet or some bit of TS.

By default there are 3 additional layouts available for selection in the
page form + one default: Normal, Layout1, Layout2, Layout3.
You need to activate secondary options when creating/editing a page to
see this.

You can add more layouts and also change the labels using Page TSconfig:

  pages.layout {
    addItems {
      4 = Another Layout
      5 = One more
    altLabels {
      1 = A new name

(This idea is based on a post by JoH asenau in another thread.)

Hope this helps.



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