[TYPO3-english] globalVar Condition problem

Walrick lists at globalhealingcircle.net
Thu May 7 09:35:23 CEST 2009

JoH asenau wrote:
>> However if I remember correct I noticed that sometimes fe_group is
>> just empty. Would
> AFAIK this should never be the case, since fe_group defaults to 0.

I know, and it says so in phpMyAdmin, but if I browser the table pages,
most public pages have an empty fe_group field.

but [globalVar = TSFE:page|fe_group = ]  seems to work. Just tested it.

>> You've been a great help for me lately. I just haven't figured out yet
>> why the sectionIndex isn't working, but the other method using
>> styles.content.get does the trick as well, just with a lot more code,
>> especially to get the entire thing hidden if empty.
> Maybe we can find a quick an dirty solution for that.
> You don't need styles.content.get but just a CONTENT element.
> If you put that into a COA, you can do almost anything you like with it.

I'll post the current code I use in the other thread.


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