[TYPO3-english] inspiring people to share your location

Georg Ringer news at ringerge.org
Mon Jun 29 07:32:04 CEST 2009

Hi again,

Andreas Becker schrieb:
> yeah they are making money out of it and Open Street Map would be nice if we
> could have also the satellite on it.

this just won't happen because those images are quite expensive!

 > there is
> not really a difference beside the fact that you could develop a source code
> further which has been free for use before by yourself.

Sorry you are wrong again! There is a huge difference and I guess this 
difference is even more important in the poor countries! You are allowed 
to use OSM data in books or anywhere else! You can make a complete map 
of whatever and you don't have to pay a single baht, also no tips!

This is not true with the data from Google (and the company they are 
buying the data from) because they are expensive and it is allowed to 

> OpenSource doesn't not mean it is always FREE until you will get your
> website/project ... with this open source running.

Of course it is! TYPO3 can *never* get non-opensource! This is the cool 
thing about open source - it stays that way! There is absolutly no 
chance that you ever need to pay for it.

> When you have a look in OSM to the roads already existing on Phuket Island
> than 100% of them are NOT accurate. 

Yeah because OSM doesn't come from nothing - it has to be done by 
someone! As already said .. it is very easy to buy a tracker and you get 
a perfect gpx file from it

> We tested it out here as we tried them
> to be used as maps for official purposes. Every time you rent something or
> need to deliver something or get a registered company the officials need a
> map. 

By the way if you want someone to deliver something as a business model 
you are not allowed to use Google Maps print outs I guess

> You are perhaps right with the making money thing and they really make very
> good money at the moment. 

It is the right of everyone to do so but it is the same with a CMS. You 
are using TYPO3 not only because it is free but also because of the kind 
of development and how the model works.

No single line comes from sitting at your desk and watching birds fly 
by. Same in OSM

> Here in Asia people don't think much ahead. Today
> is today and not tomorrow. So if they can make money today they will make
> it. 

yeah maybe this is the problem. But you are thinking about tomorrow 
because otherwise you would just use a commercial CMS, you wouldn't care 
about better equipment for schools (yeah I remember the trips *G*) and 

It is not about the whole phuket island but about you and what you 
change in the world, right?

 > I am pretty sure that they will
> switch to OSM as soon as this is providing more info also here in Asia and
> than they will make again perhaps even more money ;-) Don't worry about
> this!

Yeah, never do something with the own hand, better wait for someone to 
do it ;)

> Our customers at the moment don't have their own map servers and they don't
> worry either using Google Maps. Actually they want to use Google Maps.

They want to have maps and they don't care which company is behind. 
People don't care if Windows or Linux if they can do the same things and 
it looks the same. They really don't care if using IE or FF.

Mapsevers are also open source, OSM is open source, so as a company you 
can do great stuff like a cool GIS if you really would need it - without 
paying 1 € for any license.

> Here in China, and South East Asia still things which costs are much more
> worth than an OpenSource Product which is better, more stable. 

yeah I know that, not only there ;)

 >  They already asked again for support of licenses
> from Adobe, Microsoft and so on ... 

totally understandable because Photoshop is better than Gimp but if Gimp 
could do the same things, nobodoy would care. If you are writing just 
some documents, you can use OpenOffice without any harm.

> Any way, your map is great and I like it and it would be nice to have it on
> typo3.org.

yeah thanks!
When i launched it, I thought about all those discussions in the 
mailinglists about all the things someone said would be cool like the 
big threads about hosting (long time ago) or the manuals (not so long 
ago). They all die because many people just prefer talking over doing! I 
first do something and then I can talk ;)


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